Kids Get It



Sometimes  adults think that they have it all figure out, but then a kid like Logan LaPlante comes around and reminds us that sometimes we get set in one way and no one changes it. In his Ted Talk Hawkschooling Makes Me Happy he makes some wonderful points about today’s education system and how it might now be doing kids the best service like it is supposed to. Right away Logan points out that when kids want to grow up they want to do something that they like. Adults very rarely do the job that has anything to do with what they were interested in as a child. I think as we grow up adults make us feel silly for being interested in doing anything other than being a “doctor or a lawyer” or look down upon the people that didn’t even want to go to college or aren’t doing great in our traditional school system and we doubt anyone that tries to stray from that. I feel like so many people have all of these feelings about how the school system needs to change, yet no change is happening or change isn’t happening very fast. The people in the world like Logan LaPlante are going to lead the way in making those necessary changes.

Bud the Teacher makes some very interesting points in his blog post Centering on Essential Lenses  we need to focus our lenses on the important things in school, but that “important thing” is going to vary from child to child sometimes. One of the most important things we can teach children is to find out how they learn best. Do they learn best when they do something or when they read instructions or watching someone else do it? I didn’t know what kind of learner I was until I got to college, I thought everyone was just supposed to be able to figure out what their teachers were telling them at school. Bud also says that “learning happens when we make things” I find that most of my learning comes when I make mistakes. When something doesn’t work, I try something else, and that is where playing comes in. I might have to try a million different solutions before I learn what works best, but thats okay because I’m learning and its likely something that I wont forget. These things also sharpen your problem solving skills, which is something that is necessary for every human being alive. There will always be problems and we will always have to be prepared to solve them and applying lenses, hacking, and playing are great ways to do that.


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  1. I didn’t even have to read your first sentence and I thought, “YES!” Your title says it all. We need to listen to kids more. As an Early Childhood major, this speaks a thousand words and makes me smile from ear to ear. Kids will tell you exactly what they are thinking, and more times than not it is worth listening to. Adults sometimes only want the kids to say what the adult wants to hear. But children know what they need and what they want. When Logan says that he needs the active environment, he isn’t the only one. There are kids out there just like him who need that. And it’s perfectly okay! They are learning just as well, if not better than a child who needs a stationary area to learn. “Kids get it” is a perfect way to put it. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I’m glad you liked it! You’re right! Kids do not cookie cut anything and they will at least tell you exactly what they think where you want to hear it or not.

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  2. Hey Kenz! This is really good I like that you implement the word silly in your first paragraph! Its so true! When I was going into high school I wanted to be a football coach. Over the years I changed my future professions from a lawyer, surgeon, and business owner. All of these decision where made because of how teachers made us think we needed a good education to get into a good college to get a good career. They don’t mention how they will impact our personal lives, or if we actually peak int rest in them. Most just saw it as their jobs to make sure we had successful jobs in the future not necessarily that we were personally going to be happy with the jobs we thought we wanted.


    1. I think that most adults think they know whats best. As you get older it ultimately becomes your decision.


  3. steindiglit says:

    I love how you talked about that “important thing” changing from child to child. It’s important as future teachers to understand this topic and really make sure we understand our students and know their challenges or strong spots.


    1. It’s going to be a fun challenge trying to figure that out!


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