Attention Log

Attention Log is the assignment I chose for this week. Growing up with three younger siblings has really taught me how to zone out into whatever I am doing. When I add technology into the mix its gets really bad. I spend a lot of time at my grandparents’ house, a lot of the time it is to do homework. While I was there, I was working on an assignment for another class and realized that my grandpa had being talking to me for I don’t know how long. I looked around the room to see if there was anyone else that he could be talking to and realized that it was just me. The next thing I noticed was that I was again, entranced into my work when my grandma was saying my name like she had asked me a question. I didn’t even realize that she had gotten home and walked through the front door. This scared me a little bit. I completely don’t pay attention to my surroundings when I am focused on my technology. I am starting to think the house could be burning down and I would be covered in smoke before I realized it.

The next thing I payed attention to was what exactly I did with my technology. I had to laugh at myself because while I was working on homework, I had a little voice in my head telling me to open up Facebook. This must have been what the articles have been talking about. After I opened up Facebook and looked through for a while, I subconsciously looked down at my phone and started opening up other social media apps. My attention span is clearly lacking.

Overall, I need help. This log has definitely shown me that I need to get more in touch with my surroundings instead of my technology. The people who are in my life right now are not going to be there someday so it is important to spend as much time with them as possible.


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