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Trying to stay healthy over the holidays can be the worst thing ever! Everyone around you just keeps bringing more and more food. This is not exactly a time where you want to skip left over Thanksgiving and Christmas cookies for salad and rice cakes. I want to spend the rest of this time trying to figure out how to enjoy all the holiday festivities with your family while also trying to keep your waistline from expanding.

In the spirit of me trying to be realistic, I probably will not lose any pounds or inches over the holiday season. However, I can try to maintain weight! I googled tips about how to stay fit over the holidays that I found could be very useful and I would like to share them with all of you!

  1. Use mustard instead of mayo on those left-over turkey sandwiches.
  2. It’s okay to have a cookie or two… not ten. J
  3. No seconds!
  4. Drink lots of water!
  5. Eat little things throughout the day so you aren’t starving when those big meals come.
  6. Eat slowly. The slower you eat the less you’ll be before you become full.
  7. Watch the alcohol intake. J
  8. Keep track of what you are eating… you’ll feel guiltier that way!
  9. Join in on the holiday sports. Does your family play football or build snowmen? Take all the opportunities you can to be active.
  10. Make sure your plates are full of fruits and veggies instead of carbs!

I hope I can follow this guide as best I can!


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