Digital Activism



Digital activism isn’t something I have heard a whole lot about until recently. I remember as a young student, we would have speakers come to our schools and give presentations about why self-harm was the worst thing you could do and other teen topics of choice. Now all people have to do is go to social media to voice their concerns. The good and bad thing about social media is that whatever you post has the potential to go viral. Depending on what you post, this could be a good or a bad thing for you.

When I think about activism the first thing that comes to mind is politics. People voice their concerns about our government on social media on a daily basis. The problem with that is that our country is divided in our beliefs about how situations should be handled. Because of this, I feel like politics should be taught in the classroom, but not by stressing one side or the other. There is a woman who appears on many social media accounts and several TV programs named Tomi Lahren. This woman went to school at my home town high school and was the school president at the time. Now she is one of the biggest advocates for the republican political side. She receives millions of views and is very well known, which is really cool for someone out of Rapid City, South Dakota. However, she is also very hated by a portion of the town because of what she believes. The point I am making here is that to have students be advocates of something, it needs to be something other than political. Having students do something such as that in the school systems could lead to more harm than good.

After that point being made I think that advocating for things such as suicide is such is good idea! This is a topic that is universally viewed as something negative and is necessary to be stopped. I looked through the teen advocates and found that I was really intrigued by the girl who set up the “Help Hotline” twitter account. This is something that she isn’t using her name with and is easy to find. Not everything that is tweeted about is nice and sweet, some of it is harsh. I like that there are different opinions in the mix.

Overall I think that social activism is very useful when trying to make a statement. However, I feel like the schools should stay away from controversial issues. If the students would like to comment on them freely then that is okay. I just don’t think it should be encouraged by the school or teachers.



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