Final ILP


My independent learning project was to learn how to live a healthier life style. Throughout the semester there were times that I did really well with following through with the rules that I had set for myself. There were also times where I really struggled to stay motivated. Each week I worked on something I felt like I was slacking on. Some of these weeks included motivation, workout partners, and healthy eating. After I started following all of the healthy and motivational people on Instagram it was easy to be reminded about my project and continue to at least try. Overall, I really feel like I got some great information about my topic over the semester. I hope that I will continue to stay motivated into the new year. Hey! That’s what resolutions are for right?

I felt that it was easy to think about this project over others because it was something that I was personally interested in. I struggled with the project more towards the end of the semester when the holidays came around. It was easy to get caught up in the parties and food rather than stay consistent with diet and exercise. Another thing that I noticed is that my motivation for school is getting less and less the closer we get to the end of the semester. I’m not as ready to do homework as I was in September.

I find myself doing research about things that I am interested in without it having to be a part of my school work. It was really cool to have the opportunity to get to use the things that I would normally look up anyway for a grade. I found that it was a lot easier to write about what I was learning because it was something that I was in control of.

If I were to incorporate independent learning into my elementary classroom, I would do a lot of it through language arts. It is easy to allow students to pick the material they are interested in as long as they follow the state standards. The things they can do through language arts are endless. They could pick their own book (at their appropriate reading level), they could write about what they are interested in, they could also choose their own vocabulary words. I also feel like students should have a say in how they learn, not just so much as what they learn. Not every student learns the same and it is important to be flexible with that


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