Mackenzie McMahon


I had always thought my name was somewhat original. Turns out, it’s not. I was shocked to see what kinds of things came up when I typed my name into Google. The first thing to pop up was the Facebook profile page. There is an unbelievable amount of people with my name, or a relatively close version. I have also always thought of my name as a girl name, it was interesting to see just how many boys there are with my name.

The second thing I looked at was the images that came up. I scrolled through them forever before I finally found my Facebook profile picture. I also found a lot of pictures that were quite odd considering what I searched for. I was getting pictures of scenery and graphs. After scrolling for a while, I came across a picture that I know is only on Instagram. This is one example of how whatever you post on social media can be found online somewhere.

The next thing that I looked at that I found to be quite interesting was my name popping up in the white pages. I almost thought I had found myself in there when I saw my mom’s name listed next to mine but we never lived in Wisconsin! HAHA.

After getting more specific with my search such as adding in my middle name and home town, I found things such as my grandma and great uncle’s obituaries. I found an article that I was in about our family ranch and I also found my sister’s birth announcement. However, I never did find my own, which I was quite disappointed about.

I had to specify my search even more to my high school to find some newspaper articles that I was in for the varsity golf team. They even had pictures, which I wish I wouldn’t have found! LOL.  Overall I thought this was a great experience. I have searched for myself a couple of times before but I have never gone into this much depth. It was an exciting thing to see!


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