Quitting the Internet

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After going through all of the material for this week I was shocked. Going without technology is an interesting thing to think about. However, even thinking about it gives me anxiety. In all honesty, I get anxiety when I don’t check my phone at least one every couple hours. It gets even worse when my phone is dead or I have lost it. This makes me think about how I even functioned when I didn’t have the technology that I did. The TED talk really made a good point about how technology and our devices is changing us. We are secluding ourselves.

I was surprised that there were people who would volunteer to go without their devices for days. I would have to make sure I was surrounded by people I could get information from.

While thinking about how technology has made us in a way socially awkward, I realized that I do thinks that I had never even considered as using technology for. An example would be that if I were to run into a person that I didn’t want to necessarily talk to, I would ‘pretend’ to be using my phone. It is crazy to think about how this could be affecting our personal relationships.

While thinking about how I react when I am on my phone I realized that I zone out everything else around me. My mind is completely focused to my phone screen. I use my social media apps mostly when I am bored and need something to do. I realized that I communicate with my friends mostly through Snapchat! After thinking all of this through I was in total shock of how reliant I am to my phone. I could live without my computer, my TV, and my tablet. My phone, however, tells me everything, when I have meetings, it’s my alarm clock, the way I tell time, where my work schedule is. My life is on my phone. I think that if I were to go without it for a week I might learn how to be more connected with my world.



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