Final Blog

After looking through my past posts throughout this class, I realized that I have a reoccurring theme in all of them, my history. I noticed that I usually compare the topic of the required posts to my everyday life. I feel like a majority of what we have learned in this class we can related back to our time spent in grade school. For example, our last post in module 15 was about the 9 elephants in the classroom. This is an article about the truths in schools that we don’t really want to think about. When I read this article, all I could think about was how each of these nine truths related to me when I was in school. Each of the posts I made are heavily reflected on how I related to what we were learning. I feel like I write best when I have background information into the topic being discussed.

Over the past 15 weeks of this class I have found that my writing has stayed about the same. I always write about how the subject has influence me in the past and how I plan to use it in the future. When working on my independent learning project, I noticed that throughout the weeks, I would run out of things to write about. Because of this, I would have a harder time writing my independent learning project post. However, even though I struggled coming up with a concept to write about, I still feel like my posts turned out well. I would focus on the goal I had for that particular concept, go into how I tried to meet that goal, how it worked out for me specifically, and finally, how I felt that others would feel about using it.

I also noticed that I had a harder time writing about a subject when I struggled learning about it. For example, when learning about ds106, I struggled figuring out exactly what about it we were supposed to take from the articles and website we were given. I wrote my post on what I knew, but I didn’t really have a clear concept of the lesson until we started working on our daily creates. I really enjoyed the daily creates because it was an assignment that I could have fun with. I loved laughing with my friends about how to make a certain create happen or finding old pictures that fit the task. I did pretty well with keeping up on it every day in the beginning, but a little bit in I had trouble with remembering to it every day. This lead to me posting more than one at a time.

As I reread my work I was surprised at how some of my opinions are a little different than what they were such a short time ago. As we went through the class and learned more things I found that I had a different view of some of my work at the beginning of the class, than I would now at the end. Another thing I noticed was that I could tell when I was in a hurry to write the post. Some of my posts are very well written while some have a variety of grammar mistakes. This is something that I will need to work on in the future. Another thing I would really like to work on is my timing. Throughout the semester, there were more times than not that I would struggle to get my work turned in on time. Something that I know about myself is that I am terrible at procrastination and am striving to overcome this horrible habit every day.

As far as revisiting my past posts, I am not sure that I would need to look at any of my independent learning projects again. Most of that information I found myself and have made part of my daily routine as much as I can. However, I found that the posts I made about future technology I could use in my classroom worth revisiting. I loved the ideas about using a podcast in the classroom as the kids are working. As I reread the post I had written about it, I found that I was imagining what it would be like to use it. I was picturing my future. Another one that I would love to revisit would be the ds106 site. I don’t know about using the actual class with my future students but I loved the daily creates. This is something that I feel that upper elementary and middle school students would enjoy doing greatly. Not only is it versatile in what they can do but you can also tweak the concept a bit to fit what you are teaching in class.

Something else that I noticed in my writing was when I was excited about a topic. When I was very interested about what I was talking about I would put exclamation points throughout the whole post. I also noticed that these particular posts would be longer than the rest. I had more to talk about and more to share. These posts also were the ones that I would tell stories of my past in. I feel like I was so interested in these posts because they were specifically something that I could relate to.

The aspects if the weekly blogging that I valued the most were the blogs that related to the independent learning project. You can tell as you read through my posts that whatever topic I was writing about was something that I was having fun talking about. I really liked the idea of getting to choose what type of information we would get to share for these posts. Another thing that I really enjoyed doing was reading through my classmates posts. To be honest, when I first read that we were going to have to read and comment on them I was a little annoyed because I felt like they would have information very similar to what we posted ourselves. I take back whatever I said about that. The reasons for that are because I found that while I was reading through other blogs I noticed that a lot of the time, they had written something that I had not thought of myself. Another thing I really enjoyed was reading about their independent learning projects. They gave me inspiration to want to try things such as rock climbing, baking, and sign language.

I would just like to say that even though I REALLY struggled keeping up in this class I really valued the information it taught me. Not just all of the new and exciting methods and tools for teaching, but also how everyone sees things differently. I feel like this class related to learning about others and using the information they know to help our own knowledge in the future. This class taught me to really look at how each brain thinks of things in a way that you might not have thought of yourself. It simply proves that when teachers tell us that we need to differentiate when we teach, they are spot on. Everyone is different.


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