As a learner, visuals work better. For this class it was a lot of hands on activities that required teaching yourself how to work certain programs etc. I struggled slightly because of this. When I am shown how to do something I can immediately repeat the process without any problems. I think this stems from me knowing exactly what material the teacher is looking for. For example, when given an assignment, I really like when teachers show me what a final product looks like. This way I know the direction I am supposed to go in.

People learn in several different ways. They learn at school, they learn from mistakes, they learn from observation, and trial and error. Because I am such a visual learner, I am very good at noticing my surroundings. I learn from how other people behave in their own lives. This is the reason I have much higher expectations that people think I should. The more I see how others are treated and act in certain situations the more I know how I want my own life to go.

When I am a parent, I feel like I will be the mom who watches YouTube videos on how to handle your child just like I watch videos on how to apply makeup.

I am really looking forward to when I get to spend time in the classroom. I feel like I will learn leaps and bounds more about how to run a classroom and teach from simply observing how others are doing it. I feel like it is important to spend time with more than one teacher because everyone has their own unique teaching style. I would love to see which ones I think will work the best when I am in my own classroom.

When you are allowed to learn about what you want, you have a bigger percentage of being curious about it. The more curious you are the more you want to learn. This is something that I feel teachers should incorporate into their classes because they are always looking for better ways to keep students interested


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